In 1987 it was born as a method.

In 2001 as a company.


Passion for Teaching, Communication, & Translation.

Added value

PASSION for what we do and WHY we do it.

Hard Skills

Competent Professionals
Customized Method
Native &/or bilingual
Proven Quality

Soft Skills

Active Listening
We Care!
Effective Communication
Personalized Solutions

Language & Communication Courses

Want to boost a positive perception among your customers towards your ‘hard skills’ through your ‘soft skills’?We will rephrase the question: Do you want to improve your customer’s trust only with your soft skills? We guarantee Effective Communication can make it happen. Yesss! In all these areas:

In-Company English Classes

We will customize it. It will captivate you.
Besides teaching you the language, we also apply effective communication.


► Customized English Classes

► Business English

► Phone Classes

► Intensives (Conversation, Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation, Grammar Express, etc.)

► Level Test

Communication Coaching

We’ll record you. You’ll hate us. You’ll seize the difference.
Besides teaching you how to communicate effectively in a second language, you will also improve your Communication skills in your mother tongue.


► Presentation Skills

► Public Speaking

► Customer Care (& Mystery Shopping)

► Negotiation Skills

► Going the Extra Mile

► Empowering Hard Skills through Soft Skills

Job Coaching

We will strengthen your profile. You will convince them.
Besides empowering your hard skills, you will strengthen your soft skills with a winning attitude.


► Effective writing of your CV & LinkedIn profile

► Job Interview/Short List preparation

Translation & Interpretation


English, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Rumanian, and Polish.


Telecommunications, IT -hardware and software,- Sales, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Financial, Legal (Certified or not), Human Resources, Medical, Farming, Aerospace, Biochemical, Biophysical, Electronics, Stock Market, etc.


Besides translating, we also do localization and we advice you in enhancing your written communication.


  • Documents and contracts
  • Web pages, LinkedIn profiles, posts…
  • Transcription, adaptation, and voiceover of videos
  • Editing and proof-reading


Besides translating, we also advice you in enhancing your verbal and non verbal communication.

  • Conference Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive…)
  • Press Conferences
  • Escort and tour guides

My name is California Systems.
How can I take care of you?

Happy to help and listen to YOUR objectives.