Why do we only hire professionals in teaching and translation? Besides obvious quality reasons, because we can afford them. Our clients require training and interpretation services onsite, or remote translations. So not only can we get rid of unnecessary costs, but also offer affordable services. Quality with professionals, only a phone call away. How can I take care of you?

If you want to boost a positive perception among your customers towards your ‘hard skills’ through your ‘soft skills’, I guarantee Effective Communication will lead you to make it happen.

Did it ever occur to you that you can achieve business results with Communication skills…? Want to see to believe? We have success stories, you can read the recommendations below, and/or contact us directly.

The bridge? Ever since California Systems was founded in 2001, we have been partnering with companies from various sectors, in the United States and in Spain, overcoming language barriers and exceeding expectations with Communication skills.

We help your business grow

  • We show you ways to be articulate, convincing, so you can build TRUST and your audience can buy your message.
  • We face clients’ problems not just to solve them, but to loyalize customers.
  • Tailored courses on Effective Meetings, Presentations skills, Negotiations, Public Speaking, Customer Care, Extra Mile, Phone Classes…
  • Too much “Grammar” and “Filling the gaps” that we forget WHY we study English? Do not wait and contact us. Instead of B2s “learning English,” let’s learn about “convincing in English” (or German, French, Spanish…).

Why us?

  • Jose Amoretti, Vice President Corporate HR EMEA at BMW Group: “He does not only teach English, but what he really masters is real ‘Communication skills’ way more important than “just simply” teaching a language. As a result, the English knowledge and skills in the Company have remarkably improved with its clear benefit to our business.”
  • Not only do you boost your business profile and credibility in English, but also in your native language, either in Writing or in Speaking.
  • Over 30 years of experience helping more than 2,000 professionals and 10,000 testees achieve their results with Business English + Communication skills in sectors as Pharma, Telecom, Automotive, Engineering, IT, Education…